Dangerous Driving

If you are charged with Dangerous Driving you are facing disqualification a fine and possible community service or imprisonment. The definition of “Dangerous Driving “is driving which falls well below the standard of a normal and competent driver. Accordingly if you are driving in a manner which has the potential to cause danger to other road users you will be charged with this offence.

This driving offence can be tried either in a summary court or in front of a jury depending upon the alleged nature of the offence.

If convicted of Dangerous Driving you will be disqualified for a minimum period of a year and disqualified from driving until passing the extended driving test.

Depending upon where in Scotland you are charged you will end up in one of the local Sheriff Courts. If you are caught on the M74 or A74 you will either end up facing your dangerous driving charge in Glasgow Sheriff Court, Hamilton Sheriff Court, Lanark Sheriff Court or Dumfries Sheriff Court. In these courts it is normal to see a Dangerous Driving charge based solely on speed.

If you are caught on the A9 it will be either Stirling Sheriff Court, Perth sheriff Court or Inverness Sheriff Court or even up as far as Wick Sheriff Court. There are numerous other roads, which will take you into other Sheriff Court Jurisdictions throughout Scotland.

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